OpenJDK on OSX crashes when opening an application with a registered file

Here's fix for a low priority bug which was unfortunately critical for my application and I suspect for every application that is registered to open a particular set of files.

I'll explain this bug with an example.

Say you download a Java PDF reader and you have the latest Java 7 (or OpenJDK) distribution. You would expect that if you click on a PDF file your PDF reader would open so you could read it, right ?....
No, unfortunately the PDF reader will crash before it could even show its window. You can still open the PDF reader and then open the file, but who would release (and use) an application that crashes so easily ?

Fix for the OpenJDK FileDialog on OSX

The OpenJDK FileDialog on OSX does not allow to select directories even if the apple.awt.fileDialogForDirectories property is set to true.

A bug has been reported a bit more than a month ago but it seem there wasn't any intention to fix it as it's been closed as a duplicate of a RFE aimed at improving the FileDialog functionalities. This is all nice and good except for the fact that the RFE is almost two years and a half old so the chances to see 7161437 fixed anytime soon are pretty slim.

Group Bill, my first app in the iTunes Store.

Group Bill is available to download from the iTunes Store!

After having worked for four months at a reasonably big native iOS application and not seeing it yet on the store because of a client I'm not too happy with, I finally had my first one being accepted today.

I read nightmare stories about app submissions but I have to say it's been quite easy in my opinion and the review process last less than a week (actually the review itself was done in one day), so I'm very happy with it.

Group Bill is a simple app to split the restaurant bill, there are already millions available that perform the same task but mine does it with a twist as it uses a trivial but effective formula devised by a british mathematician called Matt Parker.

He explains the details much better than I ever could in this video on Youtube:

A look at the IT job market

Few weeks ago I bought an amazing book whose first chapter is an introduction to the Ruby language. I've never really been interested in Ruby before as I'm perfectly happy with Python but I think there's always something to learn when studying a new language. With this in mind, and considering that I'm looking for a job, I thought to learn Ruby by writing a tool to analyze the technical skills most required by the market today.

I selected the website that in my opinion offers the more interesting jobs,, did a bit of scraping and made some visualisations to help me understand the data collected (which, BTW, is limited only to the last 5 weeks).

Movie Suggestions Beta

I just released my first Android application on the Android market. Technically it's the second but it's the first one on the market.

Movie Suggestions is a simple application that uses a couple of web services to find a list of movies that you may like.

Movie Suggestions screenshot

Once you select a movie you can then read some comments from reviewers and see the trailer on Youtube, where available.

Graphics and functionalities are pretty basic at the moment but hopefully the only one thing it does it does it well. In any case, I made it to learn the Android framework and it's been a great exercise.