A custom UIView useful to represent progress in discrete steps. See related blog post for more info.
Source code available on GitHub. It has the following features:

Group Bill

An iPhone application to split a restaurant bill fairly according to how much people have eaten/drink. Available on the iTunes App Store.


An emergency and disaster management iPhone application I've written for a client that allows the user to build a report based on pictures, videos, text messages and audio recordings, save it on his device and send it to a remote server where it will be analyzed and dispatched to the competent authorithies.

Movie Suggestions

An Android application that suggests a list of movies to watch given a movie title. It uses the Rottentomatoes API to retrieve movies informations. Uses my rottentomatoes-for-android open source library.


An Android proof of concept application that demonstrate how to perform motion detection using an Android phone and its camera. I’ve also written an article to explain how the motion detection works.


An Open Source Java library that implements the Rotten Tomatoes API.


Watchlist Alert

A Mac OSX utility to monitor your eBay watchlist for expiring items and be sure not to lose any bid again. Retired from the App Store since I don't have time to maintain it anymore.


An interrupted attempt at writing an improved Trailblazer (an old Commodore era videogame). About 10k lines of Python code shared among the game and the track editors.



A Go library to use the Amazon Product Advertising API from Go.

OpenJDK 7 fork

Deprecated ! I no longer recommend this fork since it is no longer updated and all open issues have been resolved in the last year. Thanks to the Mac OSX team @ Oracle.

I maintain a fork of OpenJDK 7 that fixes some bugs on OSX and that allow Moneydance to be published in the App Store.

See this article and this one too for more details.

AppBundler fork

I am no longer the maintainer ! I no longer maintain this project but the great folks at The Infinite Kind still do !.

I maintain a fork of Oracle AppBundler that adds some functionalities not available in the original code to ease the deployment of Java applications on OSX.

See this article and this one too for more details.


A tool I've written while looking for a job in order to learn ruby. It scrapes the content of and produces a set of visualizations to highlight the most used technologies required by the companies looking for developers. I used the graphics in an article about the job market.